Arena Combat brings to Unreal Tournament 2004 an improved version of
the classic 'Rocket Arena' style game play popular in the early years of first
person shooters. By default Arena Combat is setup so that two players battle
with configurable weapons, ammo, shield, and health. Other players spectate
each round until it is their turn to battle the winner of the previous round.
Losers of the round move to the end of the lineup. Map items, ammo, shield,
health, and powerups can be individually enabled or disabled.

- The match is won when a player's score reaches the score limit. Points are
awarded to the surviving player at the end of a round after a few seconds as
to be sure there was a clear winner (ie. no score is awarded if both players

- Health, shield, weapons, ammo, items, powerups, and some other game
parameters are configurable on a per map basis. The same map can have
multiple configurations.

- Players can spawn with any configuration of weapons and ammo (ex. Rocket
Launcher with infinite ammo, a Shock Rifle with 20 ammo, and a ShieldGun).

- Supports Instagib rifles with limited or infinite ammo.

- Supports a weapon choice mode where the challenger chooses the weapon(s) to
fight with each round.

- Weapons are locked as the next challenger spawns. Weapons are unlocked after
a short countdown which begins each round.

- Optionally, a maximum round time can be set with optional player damage each
second in overtime to help speed along the match.

- Map powerup respawn times can be set (including random respawn times).
Powerups can be temporally removed between rounds.

- Supports player handicapping on a player to player basis.

- Any map can be used. (Small, single room maps with a high frame rate such
as DM-Gael are highly recommended.)

- Supports 3 or more player arenas along with the recommended default of 2.

- Includes a custom in game GUI voting system.






This is the first custom map I made for Arena Combat (DM-AC-Vire beta). I plan to make to make additional maps as time allows.



A screenshot of the Arena Combat scoreboard. "Line" indicates the listed player's place in line.



My next map, DM-AC-Dojo



The Arena Combat vote menu.



The mod is still in beta. A test server is listed in this discussion thread.